Sasha "C Square" Naheed

Damaged by the attacident that killed his parents, Sasha is a soft-spoken dwarf with a lot of patience motivated by a singular, driving goal.


Sasha’s story began much like any other child in the Sixth World. His parents were not particular special, nor were they particularly plain. His mother, Volla, was a human molecular biologist that was born and lived in her native Kazakhstan and his father, Mogeni, an itinerant geneticist from the Kingdom of Nigeria.

Drawn together by their mutual respect for each others intelligence and work, it seemed only natural when they started living together, and when, some years later, they Volla became pregnant and they knew their son was going to be born a dwarf, they moved to Vladivostok and began working for EVO Corp, looking into UGE.

Despite their work with UGE, they did not treat Sasha poorly, and in fact, their research seemed to be largely concerned with identifying strains of UGE and possible causes. Sasha grew up in an accepting environment, surrounded by metahumans, suffering very little of the anti-metahuman bigotry that pervaded some places in the rest of the world.

He took after his father mostly, quiet and inquisitive, with dark skin and kinky black hair, but his facial structure was a masculine mirror of his mother, with a broad face and Asiatic features. One thing he did not share with his parents, however, was their love of the living body and cells and all the parts he described as “messy and gross.” Machines and computers became his passion from an early age.

Sasha excelled in things related to engineering and mechanics. His parents were supportive of his endeavors, and assisted him in every way they could, despite their busy schedules and typical corporate obligations. They had, as much as can be expected of the Sixth World, a kind typical home life, even if adjustments had to be made to ease the problems created by Sasha’s condition.

Such things, however, are fleeting and it was when Sasha was seventeen that tragedy struck. While visting the EVO Corp lab where his parents worked, the facility was rocked by a powerful explosion.

The blast was catastrophic. Hundreds dead. Dozens injured. Worse were the missing. Due to EVO’s policies, some remains were either never released or seemed to simply…vanish. Sasha’s parents were among those that were considered killed in the accident, while Naheed himself was injured by the blast resulting in his near blindness and a short-term coma.

It was years of therapy, trying to repair his eyes, and despite the possibility of replacing the damaged orbs with cybereyes, Naheed refused, even as EVO refused to provide more information on the explosion. Those with missing or dead loved ones were compensated, Naheed among, and to him, it looked like a payoff.

So for years, he sat and stewed, his vision returning back fractions of degrees, even as he continued to make inquiry after inquiry.

Finally, his crippled vision, leaving him grossly near-sighted, and even that was mostly blurry, Naheed took his money and decided that if he was going to get answers, he needed to get them himself, and there were people who specialized in obtaining that which the megacorps did their best to keep from prying eyes.

Half-blind and desparate, Naheed entered the world of the shadows.

He vanished from the world, even though he knew that EVO still knew of his existence. He hooked up with a family friend, a former EVO employee who now worked as a fixer for the Vory, Max Zarzycki, who went by the street name Kink.

Kink smuggled Naheed to Seattle, and using the funds from EVO’s payoff, Naheed immersed himself into his new life. His eyes damaged, he needed a way to make himself formidable, so he went under the knife.

His knowledge of mechanics made the choice to be a rigger easy. Always in demand, and his lack of accurate sight wouldn’t be a problem, he started doing small jobs, always keeping an ear to the asphalt for something that would antagonize EVO. If the sleeping giant wouldn’t wake when he called, he’d poke them until they responded.

Years in Seattle. More surgeries, more money spent on gathering his growing arsenal of drones and weapons. His skill with machines began as a whisper, spreading among the shadows. The man who could make machines dance. Make them move like lightning. He took the moniker C Square. Twice the speed of light. CC. Cassius Clay. Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee. The greatest.

C Square dropped the traditional dwarven beard, and dreaded his hair like his father had done, shaving the sides of his skull to show off the tracery of electric tattoos decorating his flesh. He wore heavy mirrored glasses to hide his mangled eyes, protecting them from the strobing light of modern life while augmenting the weak vision.

It took time, patience, a lot of money and hard knocks, but now he was getting known in the shadows of Seattle. It was almost time to start getting those answers he was looking for, and now with his crew, he had the means to do it.

Sasha "C Square" Naheed

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